Superior Materials

All our costume character heads are formed from light weight high density foam and these may be fitted with a cooling fan as an optional extra.

All our costumes have a fully adjustable inner helmet with chin strap for a secure and comfortable fit.

  • Our shoes and feet are all rubber soled
  • These are perfect for outdoor use and formed from 1 inch thick foam.
  • We use a variety of fabrics to bring your character to life.
One of our Costumes the Bear Trail Mascot
One of our costumes designed using superior materials.
Stanwix Park Fox Costume
Logos can be printed on our Mascot Character Costumes

Unique Logos

You can have your logo, promotion, team or message printed on your character.

Alternatively and for a small extra cost, we can (in most cases) have your character costume embroidered.

Characters come with a waterproof storage bag included.

Bespoke Design

We can provide your character costume with added accessories:

  • A change of clothes
  • A range of different hats
  • Shoes and seasonal wear such as Christmas, Easter or Halloween props as seen on our Easter Bunny costumes

These can be added when you place your character order. Or the can be purchased at a later date and at a time when you may need them.

One of our Costumes for an Easter Bunny
Seasonal costumes made to order including our Easter Bunny costume
Arriva logo on our Dragon costume
Arriva logo on our Dragon costume

The Process

We can work directly from any existing artwork you have.

Or if you are just at the ‘ideas’ stage, we can supply you with detailed line sketches of how we envisage your creation will look.

Otherwise, we can produce almost anything from our existing character costume patterns, should you require something generic such as a bear, rabbit, or humanoid etc. Then we can personalise and style them with your choice of clothing, logos and fabrics.

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